Draft (EP)

by Appletree

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released October 10, 2012

Written and Performed by: AppleTree (Andrés Cardenas & Alexánder González)
Produced and Recorded by: Fabián Cárdenas & AppleTree.
Recorded at: Various bedrooms and living rooms in Bogotá.
Mastered at: Blue Mountain Mastering. Nashville, Tennessee.
Additional Vocals by: Felipe Merchán
Artwork by: Diana Prado Cárdenas (labicicletaaudiovisuales@gmail.com)
Contact: elpatronrecords@gmail.com



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Appletree Bogotá, Colombia

"All art is quite useless."
Oscar Wilde
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Track Name: Hi!
Hi! We're AppleTree. We're a rock band from Bogota, Colombia. We love low fidelity and we sing in english just because. Enjoy or die!
Track Name: Waiting for Nothing
Everybody feel sadness sometimes
Sometimes just feel like bored
Now for unknown reasons
I think I didn’t feel that before

All these mouths are open
But I don’t hear any word
Always waiting for my destiny
But maybe there’s no plan for the world

Waiting for nothing, always seated
Waiting for nothing, always here
Waiting for nothing, I’ll be forever
I’m still waiting for nothing here

Don’t try to find something wrong with me
Check out the old mirrors
Thanks but I’m not interested
Keep offering your lord

I’m so sorry I had to lie to you
I’m so sorry, I’m a moron
But I miss so much my freedom
I miss the comfort in being alone
Track Name: Still Life
Today has been a gloomy afternoon in Bogota.
She said: “Let’s walk without direction, until late at night”
We walked through “La Septima” looking for a café
I know she’s talking to me but I don’t know what to say.

Suddenly I’m lonely / In my home, at night
All these friends are gone/ And many thoughts invade my mind
Can’t avoid that sadness / This feeling of emptiness
Looking through the window / Contemplating all this rain

Like Henry Chinasky , Tonight I just realized
That I don’t have any ambition in this filthy life.
All this time have gone so fast, I hardly understand
On days like these I think that probably Cioran was right
Track Name: T.V. Zombie
Without girl, withouth money, without fun
Nothing in my mind and my roof is very bored
My distraction is a bottle in the lips
I've tried too hard but tonigh I can't sleep

Then I decided to become a zombie
and I gave up to the pleasures of T.V.

Now any propaganda is my food
And the shape of my ass is on the couch
I remember the last girl that rejected me
This is a good reason for stay here
Track Name: Mary
We are the forgotten people.
Those that no one never understand
We have been lost for a long time.
Just trying to find someone who can.

Tell me now where have you been.
Why I've not hear of you, anymore?
Why don't you come back to me?
I swear that will be a lot of fun.

Because this is all I want to do.

We are living in a shit world.
This society's a piece of crap.
You told me: "Fight against that".
But, dear Mary, I had to give up

Now please tell me about your worries.
I will close my eyes and I'll count to ten.
I will see parallel universes.
Lights and colors without end

Because I loved when they came

You know, it’s not easy
Come back and make me smile again... Make me smile again