Stand Out of My Sunlight (EP)

by Appletree

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released November 8, 2014

Camilo Andrés Cárdenas: Vocals -Guitar
Alexander González: Bass
Cristian Galeano: Drums

Produced and Recorded by: Fabián Cárdenas & AppleTree
Drums Recorded at Cuatro Cuartos - Bogotá by Juan Carlos Bravo
Mastered at: UTC Studio - Stoke-On-Trent (U.K.)
Artwork by: Gabriel Muelle



all rights reserved


Appletree Bogotá, Colombia

"All art is quite useless."
Oscar Wilde
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Track Name: Stand Out of my Sunlight
Wandering aimlessly
Any way is good
Don't care what the world thinks
Living on my own

Have too much time walking
But I don't need a rest
Neither need a mirror
Without someone to impress

I don't care what you're saying
I dont' care who you are
All these thing that you've done
I sincerely nevermind

The crap that you could buy
The place where you come from
Your merits and your success
Sincerely I don't care at all
Track Name: Misery
Another day has passed already
Another day has been the same
There have been a lot of wasted time
That never will come back again

I have nothing to say, I have nothing I should remind
These nights with cigarretes and alcohol will be enough
I have chose between love and solitude long time ago
I love my misery, oh please don't tell me this is wrong!

Again a victim of insomnia
I have to go out for a walk
The streets are empty at this hour
Exactly empty as my mind
Track Name: Witch-Hunt
Hey get ready your best defense
Attending the tribunal
Because nobody is exempt
Of being called criminal

Check the lock of all your windows
And the doors close very well
All of you run to the mountains
Because that feared Witch-Hunt already began

An imaginary proof
Is enough to demonstrate
Any kind of serious crimes
Ready for incinerate

They just want to put the balance
Totally tilted to them
Therefore if you risk to fault them
The bonfire you'll have to face
Track Name: Galatea
The world is full of people but
There's no one to love
Lots and lots of lost souls
That we haven't know

I spent all of my days
Just staring at you
With a lot of thoughts that
Will never come true

If only you could hear all these words I have to say
I wish that you could listen, I wish that you could hear
If only you could turn your neck and stare at me
I wish that you could listen, I wish that you could be here with me

Don't like the human contact
I forgot how it feels
I'm no longer interested in who's not unreal

It's not a matter of love
It's just a sad story
Anyone can love but
Not anyone can suffer

There's no faith to follow
There are no goals to reach
There are no gods in this world
Which come true our deepest dreams
Track Name: Subterranean Gardens
I am now

And always
Has been the same

On this
subterranean gardens
Where I'm now

There's nothing
There's no one
Except myself

Lonely and confused
On empty streets
With abandoned stores

Thousands of neon dreams
Will not shine anymore