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"All art is quite useless."
Oscar Wilde
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Track Name: Queens & Drones
Let's go downtown tonight, let's walk through stinking alleys
where no one ever is safe, and everything could happen.
Let's go downtown tonight, let's look at unknown faces
let's get lost into this maze, discovering secret places.

Any of these dusty streets goes to the mountains.
There is no safe way tonight to escape from here
We're trapped in the crowd that goes nowhere
All this ugly and dirty place is what belongs to me

The music is so loud, this place's extremely noisey,
my ears are full of sounds, my mind is getting empty.
We're in a midnight hive: Queens and drones over the place,
dancing, drinking, getting high. It seems these were their last days...
Track Name: Nube Blanca
Nube blanca
vuela sobre la ciudad.
Ya no hay a donde ir
y yo quiero estar aquí.
Aquí! Quiero estar aquí!
Nube blanca.